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Our Team


Dr. Troy Davis

Dr. Troy L Davis Sr., is Co-Pastor Of New Life Kingdom Centre. He labors in ministry with his wife  Dr. Trina Davis and they have been leading this vibrant congregation for over 20 years. He is a Spiritual Father to many and a worshiper at heart.  He is the author of BORN TO LEAD, and a Destiny Coach with a remarkable ability to present the Word of God with a relevant and comprehensive approach. He is a devoted husband, and a loving father to his children Chalise, Troy, Jr. and Trinae. Dr. Troy is called and commissioned to build an ARK. He endeavors to Actively Reproduce the Kingdom of God and  help people find their new life.


This Philadelphia native Known to many as “Pastor Troy”, has a captivating style of transparent, high-energy, didactic teaching, coupled with his proven track record of thriving ventures, which has taken him across the country in both Christian and secular arenas. His goal is to motivate, inspire and transform lives. He has ministered internationally traveling to the continent of Africa ministering in multiples cities sharing God's word. He is a much sought after Conference Speaker and Corporate Trainer with over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He is a dedicated partner with local government, schools and community agencies for the betterment of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. After one encounter with Dr. Troy, you will know that he is Born 2 Lead.

Dr. Trina Davis

Dr. Trina Davis, along with her husband Dr. Troy Davis are Senior Pastors of New Life Kingdom Centre. She is a modern day Deborah; a woman of spiritual insight and wise counsel. She is a powerful wife and mother of three children, Chalise, Troy Jr., and Trinae “who arise up, and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praiseth her” [Prov. 31:28]. She is also a woman of ingenuity and creativity whose spirit permeates through her ministries and businesses, operating with a level of spiritual discernment and prophetic awareness that causes victory in everything she puts her hands to do.


Through her women’s ministry, Handfuls Of Purpose; she is teaching the powerful principles of Motherhood, Mentorship, Management, and Motivation that is causing women to be victorious in all aspects of their lives. She is dedicated to birthing spiritual daughters who will say what God says. Through her annually held STAR Conference, she is training God’s handmaidens to bid people to come to Christ and prepare them for the wedding supper of the Lamb. She also is a Born 2 Lead Motivational Speaker, that mentors and coaches in areas of business and relationships to enhance self-development and leadership skills, and is a dedicated partner with the local government, schools and community agencies for the betterment of Delaware County in Pennsylvania.


New Life Kingdom Centre is a Bible believing and teaching, non-denominational church; that confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Our church operates in the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is our goal to share the Gospel, strengthen Families and serve the Community in every aspect of ministry.


NLKC’s Vision is to train people to build an ARK, (Actively Reproducing the Kingdom) with (Acts of Responsible Kinship) and (Acts of Righteous Kindness). We are God’s chosen vessels to whom he has given a commandment to reproduce and dominate the world, causing sheep to beget sheep, adding laborers to the vineyard to reap God’s plentiful harvest.

  • Renewing our mind & life through God's Word! 

  • Loving our neighbors! Witnessing & showing God's kindness to the world!

  • Genesis 6 / Romans 6


NLKC’s MISSION is to bring the lost to the family of Christ, through biblical application of the word, bringing about the “New Nature” in all aspects of their life, causing born again believers to reproduce God’s DNA, (Dominion Now Available) in ministry, marriage, family, business, and finance; to impact the world!


Presenting God to the world through living out God's Word in:  Ministry, Marriage, Family, Business, Finance



Thursday Bible Study

7:00 pm

​Sunday Service

10:45 am

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